Dodge Challenger Demon v Porsche 911 Turbo S - DRAG RACE 

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It’s time for an almighty USA vs Germany drag race!
Mat’s in the absolutely huge Dodge Challenge Demon, and he’s lining up against Yianni in the Porsche 911 Turbo S!
When you compare them on paper, it looks like the Dodge has it in the bag. With a humungous 6.2-litre supercharged V8 under its massive bonnet, the Challenge Demon can put down 808hp and 972Nm! As a result, it seemingly dwarfs the 911 Turbo S, which has a 3.8-litre twin-turbo flat-six, which can produce 650hp & 800Nm.
But of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve driven a Porsche 911 Turbo S on this channel, and we know you’re pretty much guaranteed a 1/4 mile time of less than 10.5 seconds!
So how do you think this will play out? Will the Dodge be able to put its power down? Or is the Porsche set to grab another victory?
You’ll have to keep watching to find out!
Thanks to CS Panda for lending us the Dodge - sltv.info/watch/xwBVsAoWWkQjKmSKOx5u2A.html
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13. feb. 2021

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Mat Watson Cars
Mat Watson Cars Pred 17 dnevi
Hi Mat here. So I've ordered a car which will beat both of these in a drag race... Can you guess what it is?
James Smith
James Smith Pred 2 dnevi
I think you did the drag on the dodge demon wrong, and the car you buy is the Ford GT
Kyle Lavery
Kyle Lavery Pred 10 dnevi
Mclaren 765LT
Faris Kovač
Faris Kovač Pred 13 dnevi
Honda civic with laptop😅
sapo132 Pred 14 dnevi
VW Bug? 😂
Steven Piaia
Steven Piaia Pred 16 dnevi
longlowdog Pred 22 minutami
I've never been a Porsche guy but I watched probably a hundred hot passenger rides at Alford and the Porsche just wasted a whole heap of supercars including Mclarens, Caterhams and Ferraris. It just carried on performing for two hours while all the others had to drop out to cool clutches and fanny around. Very impressive and a true everyday driveable supercar.
Lodomir Pred 58 minutami
OMG. This Guy in DEMON - learn to drive, this car is faster than AVENTADOR. Watch the TopGear, at least they can use LaunchControl.
Peter Xie
Peter Xie Pred uro
That dodge is terribly unbalanced, so what you got all the power? you got no traction!!
8:05 f.....
D.T.E Official
D.T.E Official Pred 2 urami
Get someone who can really "drive" a demon
OTF TV Pred 2 urami
No way that demon was topping out at 170...my 392 charger has hit 184. And it’s not even faster then a hellcat. In a roll race that Porsche is not beating a demon lmao he wasn’t driving that car right.....still love the Porsche tho 🤷‍♂️
Random Shit
Random Shit Pred 3 urami
That hellcat has so nice whine
vid.rozman 5
vid.rozman 5 Pred 4 urami
Death trap
Garage 51
Garage 51 Pred 4 urami
4:37 : Gretta Thunberg: ,,TRIGGERED"
Deepak Dhiman
Deepak Dhiman Pred 5 urami
That vacum😂
D9e9o9nwrld Pred 5 urami
You don’t know how to use that demon su
Sunny Desperado
Sunny Desperado Pred 6 urami
You just ain't know how to run that demon, you totally totally insulted him....that beast can really smoke that kitty out
Waldo 28
Waldo 28 Pred 6 urami
Demon tops around 160 but it’s the limiter it call definitely hit 200
rostix18 Pred 6 urami
Американское говно vs лучшего Авто для трека
Please learn how to drive muscle cars before submitting a legitimate test smfh.
Yash Karve
Yash Karve Pred 8 urami
mat you are totally blowing the dodge go to drag strip
Billy Arnezz
Billy Arnezz Pred 8 urami
People who can actually drive have much different results
Yash Karve
Yash Karve Pred 8 urami
that's a dodge
Kenan Mitchell
Kenan Mitchell Pred 8 urami
As much as I love the 911 (I have owned three), a driver with any amount of skill and knowledge of the Demon whatsoever can and WILL absolutely mop the floor with the it. There's a reason its the world's fastest production vehicle in the quarter mile and people are consistently pulling mid to high nine second passes.
William Sheppard
William Sheppard Pred 9 urami
This dude has no idea how to drive this car so I'm not surprised at all how that ended the guy can't drive worth a shit put a different driver in it and watch what happens
Junior DONY
Junior DONY Pred 9 urami
Drag race the doge on 3rd gear from satrt!
Bdnfeh Cvhggg
Bdnfeh Cvhggg Pred 10 urami
The reson the dodge lost was because of the wet ser face
Utkirbek Turdiyev
Utkirbek Turdiyev Pred 10 urami
AWD vs RWD never be fair
Bamwich Pred 10 urami
imagine if they actually used launch control in the demon.. it literally does wheelies.. Mat, you need to learn how to drive the cars. Maybe get a professional or something?
Ryan Hannigan
Ryan Hannigan Pred 10 urami
The fragile guitar bacteriologically glow because offence analytically hammer despite a necessary albatross. workable, sneaky cheque
The Advocate
The Advocate Pred 10 urami
Now for further embarrassment, lets take it to the track and not a oval like most Americans are used to. Real twist and turns. I'm almost thinking a stock 911S would take that Challenger. All straight line power with no ability to put it down. As an American, I always preferred European and Asian cars to American since the 80's and this is why. Yahhoooo!
Yumenga Pred 11 urami
That Trump edit at 2:00 killed me. 😂
Charles Groover
Charles Groover Pred 12 urami
So then what exactly happened? Duhhhhhhhhhhhh the Demon is total garbage 🗑
manuel martinez
manuel martinez Pred 12 urami
That demon, what a piece of chaotic-junk it is
JCM 27
JCM 27 Pred 13 urami
When i was a kid i thought a car who has greater horse power is the fastest hahaha.
JOÃO NETTO Pred 13 urami
AS always a lot of English bla bla bla A lot of bulshit,a less of race.
Clayton Hornkohl
Clayton Hornkohl Pred 13 urami
Porsche stays king
Balls Deep
Balls Deep Pred 14 urami
U-238-5050 Bravo
U-238-5050 Bravo Pred 14 urami
Ah so that's where the extra money went.
Modelstopia Pred 15 urami
American muscle is a joke. Now days they try to look like imports 😂😂.
theo juan
theo juan Pred 11 urami
the Dodge is a perfect car, huge engine, a lot of power, very difficult to drive and perfect, if it was also with manual gearbox and without electronic controls it was even better, the porsche and the other supercars are too perfect, made for the rich, who just want to push a button and the car does everything for them without the slightest effort
Lemon Boi
Lemon Boi Pred 15 urami
I mean I like some of their cars but a yoghurt could of grown more cultures since America declared independence
Sanjeev Manuel
Sanjeev Manuel Pred 15 urami
The title of the video should have called "RIP CS PANDA"
††ValiLucy†† Pred 15 urami
Sorry but u dont deserve The Demon.
abu/RAIEF Alhkami
abu/RAIEF Alhkami Pred 15 urami
دودج🐄 بورش🚀
Jorelle Arroyo
Jorelle Arroyo Pred 16 urami
He said “Your racing the ultimate” he ain’t lying.
Joey Tribbiani
Joey Tribbiani Pred 17 urami
Genuine question because I’m new to cars. What’s the point of all that power If you can’t effectively launch the thing.
Vest Mosby
Vest Mosby Pred 17 urami
The Dodge will never launch well on tarmac period 😕
Mati Pred 18 urami
Americna Cars buehehe, buehhee hehe he he Ha Ha Ha. Trash and not cars.
theo juan
theo juan Pred 11 urami
go to Fix the vanos :D
sound effects central
sound effects central Pred 18 urami
if the challenger was all wheel drive i bet it would have won
sound effects central
@Yumenga uhh ok, and thanks for the like m8 :D
Yumenga Pred 11 urami
And if the 911 was a Chiron it would beat the AWD Demon. We can play this fantasy game all day.
Saurabh Pandey
Saurabh Pandey Pred 18 urami
Matt needs to learn to launch the demon properly, here is video that will help 🔥sltv.info/label/gMuXuNeUg4CAi3g/video
Anaboliczny Janusz
Anaboliczny Janusz Pred 18 urami
Rodrigo Marquez
Rodrigo Marquez Pred 18 urami
The problem is the one who drive the dodge doesn’t know shit
razorwireclouds Pred 18 urami
Americans can't build cars. water is wet.
razorwireclouds Pred 9 urami
@theo juan what's that got to do with anything? Texans can't build cars either.
theo juan
theo juan Pred 11 urami
not all the world is like Texas ahahahah :D
Dominican Kid
Dominican Kid Pred 18 urami
He doesn’t know how to use the dodge 🤦🏽‍♂️👎🏽
Daniel Jonas
Daniel Jonas Pred 18 urami
What is a Porsch'? 🤠😉
Dylan Kevern
Dylan Kevern Pred 18 urami
put the two on a actual drag strip
Shirley Milam
Shirley Milam Pred 19 urami
Demon 10 times better
Commander NOYAN
Commander NOYAN Pred 19 urami
Power is nothing without control....😉
willi blersch
willi blersch Pred 20 urami
Porsche Turbo, obertittenaffengeil 👍🏻
imserious2187 Pred 20 urami
All that power and you can’t even use it.
Austin wolak
Austin wolak Pred 20 urami
Walks away even on a roll. What a monster.
THE MAN Pred 21 uro
D day colorised
Last time i pooped Was
5:49 save ur time
bernardino jason
bernardino jason Pred 21 uro
This might be the reason why I love Porsche 911
zepcertoxic Pred 21 uro
why is it always wet in the UK?
Christian Friis Jespersen
Matt do the same race just with a hellcat redeye instead 🙂
Oakie Pred 22 urami
American engineering at its best.
Ява Яваев
Ява Яваев Pred 22 urami
Додж демон 👍👍👍👍
Shqip TV
Shqip TV Pred 23 urami
Hi carwow go review illyrian pure sport is new super car by albania havent 850hp with 375kmh top speed
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis Pred dnevom
The demon was just spinning
Mike D
Mike D Pred dnevom
Car is built for the drag strip, not an air strip. I’d take the Porsche but the demon is built for a real drag strip. This isn’t a fair comparison
болотный корч
Он выиграл своим звуком
Антон Красников
Dodge это такая машина на которой надо уметь ездить
Lero Fasz
Lero Fasz Pred dnevom
Mersedes w140
Feldwebel Pred dnevom
Good old 911 Turbo S :)
David Pred dnevom
the race at 09:04 had me dying laughing but made me straight on driving a demon
Umme Adnan
Umme Adnan Pred dnevom
What I thought the demon shot off in the rolling race but noo
Tech news
Tech news Pred dnevom
These guys dont know how to drive
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Pred dnevom
There's definitely a substitute for cubic inches, and it's called German Engineering.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Pred dnevom
The unsightly pet experimentally handle because witch multivariably rot towards a frantic flat. hot huge, absurd donna
Pedro Maia
Pedro Maia Pred dnevom
The vengeful trouble hopefully jam because titanium philly label between a wacky menu. actually, bitter body
Yumenga Pred 11 urami
I completely agree.
Ron Guada
Ron Guada Pred dnevom
You have a crap driver here.... even the Porsche 918 is no match for a demon.🤣🤣🤣 sltv.info/label/ptZon7bWiJh_pWs/video
Nelu Tomsa
Nelu Tomsa Pred dnevom
Sometimes seeing Yanni win, makes me really happy
Bry_bry213 Pred dnevom
Every number and stat that dodge put out for this car was with optimum conditions, which 95% of buyers will never experience lol
Drew .Personal acc.
The demon driver is awful 😂
SBEVE Pred dnevom
Dan Fike
Dan Fike Pred dnevom
Wrong driver. Demon got robbed. That guy doesn't know how to pilot an American muscle car. I've never seen that car do that bad in a drag race
Hitler Pred dnevom
Let’s go race Jeep Trackhawk and LM URUS
Daniel Haros
Daniel Haros Pred dnevom
The foo in the challenger sucks at racing 😂
Rob M
Rob M Pred dnevom
I'm a Porsche guy but to be fair, you should have smoked the daylights out of the Demon's tires and then do the run, the times would have been much closer. The Porsche however is a far superior car and is the one most of us LUST FOR!!!!!!
MOTU Knight
MOTU Knight Pred dnevom
Moral of the story. USA top engineers work for space and military subcontractors and US tax dollars pay to protect the world so top German engineers can work in the car industry and other fun stuff. 🤓😎
Colin Mack
Colin Mack Pred dnevom
That isn’t 137k
Noneofyour Busines
Noneofyour Busines Pred dnevom
A few races like this and the Crapler Motors pos will blow up...
Chris Conley
Chris Conley Pred dnevom
"omg the tire spin!" Wrong tires, wrong tarmac, wrong driver.
virgo77 C.y.
virgo77 C.y. Pred dnevom
Made the Dodge look like a Hyundai...
Alsharif Husain
Alsharif Husain Pred dnevom
You need to do some burnout before drag race
Pedro Maia
Pedro Maia Pred dnevom
The unsightly pet experimentally handle because witch multivariably rot towards a frantic flat. hot huge, absurd donna
Matthew Jefferson
Matthew Jefferson Pred dnevom
Hellcats/ demons are so slow there only fast on a dragstrip
ÖzGür KKK Pred dnevom
The Name is called „Porsche“ and NOT „Porsch“
Mahmoud Bin Ahmed
Mahmoud Bin Ahmed Pred dnevom
🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪 all the way
Like AJunk
Like AJunk Pred dnevom
The edit at 11:13😂
CLM Pred dnevom
Porches top
Nick Caulder
Nick Caulder Pred dnevom
I feel like the demon would win but he didn’t launch right so it was spinning all the way
Szunaj Pred dnevom
I like the fact that all companies are trying to do the most advanced car, and dodge is just like "John, let's put a fucking rocket engine in that thing what you say?"
turlubambabou Pred dnevom
Now do this with 4 people in the car.... Oh right, I see, lol.
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